Defining Fitness and Your Journey to Success

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The health and fitness industry is at a crossroads. Society, in general, continues to exert its influence, as it does in most industries. The move towards the latest “hacks”, the quickest ways to game the system, and see results faster is at an all-time high. Never before have we had access to so much information.

Knowing How to Navigate the Fitness Industry

A minefield of popular programmes, diets and hard selling by social media celebrities make today’s fitness industry as difficult to navigate as it ever has been.

We live in an age now, for better or worse, where anyone can be an expert, provided they have access to the internet. Ironically, this means that true experts are falling by the wayside, and more questions are being raised rather than answered.

Young mother balancing daughter on knees during home workout

The Changing Definition of Fitness

At the same time, the past decade has seen social media dictating what the definition of fitness is to the general public. Leaner, more muscular bodies and performance-based goals are now often the key drivers.

Therefore, not surprisingly, our reasons for engaging in fitness are often superficial. Weight loss. Muscle gain. Looking better. While these reasons are absolutely valid in their own right, it seems not many are asking the deeper, more pertinent questions. Fitness means different things to different people.

There is no one size fits all approach. What health and fitness needs are a more personalised, individual approach. What it needs, is change.

So, What Does Fitness Mean to You?

For those looking for long term success in fitness, the question must be asked, “What does fitness mean to you?” Depending on someone's past experiences, goals, and values in life, this can vary greatly.

Maybe it's losing body fat to feel more confident. For others, perhaps engaging in fitness will help them set an example for their children, and yet others may say fitness is a medium through which they can live their best, most fulfilled life.

Father and daughter exercising together

Establishing a Deeper Connection

What is important is that these conversations and reflections happen. With a deeper understanding of what being fit means to you, comes a connection with a week in, week out training, personal fulfilment, progress in fitness and enjoyment in the process leading to successful connection with your own long term values.

So, the big question. How do we connect with our deeper “Why?” How do we find the answers to questions regarding where to begin? What to eat? And how to train?

The future success of the fitness industry is not one rooted in a collection of novel ideas. Its development doesn’t lie in brand new technology that measures heart rate or use AI to give you personalised workouts. It is not social media-inspired 30-day challenges and diet fads promising to achieve a beach body, and I don't believe the answers are found on Google.

Male client holding hand weights and supported by coach

Shaping Your Future Sucess

Future success lies with professional coaches who possess the skills, knowledge, empathy and understanding to help you to get to where you want to go. It lies in learning from professionals about the principles of long-term success in fitness, health, and longevity, and it lies in honouring the individual with a personalised approach.

I believe the way to succeed in health and fitness is to appreciate that it is a journey that will last a lifetime. It is about understanding and accepting where one currently is and moving through the journey to health, fitness and fulfilling active life in a sustainable way.

Fitness should be a medium by which we connect our purposes and values, allowing us to live our most fulfilled life, and should be accessible to everyone.

Now, more than ever, as we find ourselves emerging from a global pandemic, principles such as getting quality sleep, managing stress, great nutrition practices, and moving more are of great importance and will be central themes as we examine these topics, and many more, in-depth.

It is my hope that in the coming weeks and months, we can provide answers to many of the questions that are so prevalent in health and fitness, and we hope to support anyone beginning their journey to living a fitter, healthier, and full life.  


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