Top 5 Benefits of the Best CRM to Manage Patient Data

Top 5 Benefits of the Best CRM to Manage Patient Data

At HealthHubble we have a passion for agile working, giving us more time to focus our attentions on our readers and clients. That’s where we want to spend our time and energy and where we feel most fulfilled. 

Today’s business world has shifted and demands continually morph meaning that we need to be attuned and adaptive to new challenges in order to stay ahead of the competition – whilst still remaining our client’s first choice.

In order for us to be fully productive, understanding where we spend our time as business owners and innovators is essential.  So too is streamlining administration processes and embracing the intelligence of data to help mould and shape our future successes.  Understanding our clients and not only managing but exceeding their expectations is what sets us apart from the competition.

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Why should you look after your business data?

Did you know that your business data is one of the most important assets you own?  It can help you to monitor trends, see opportunities and navigate your way through difficult times, as well as assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to expansion and development.

So how do you currently manage and access your data? Is this all in one place or do you find that you have to create a patchwork quilt from various different pieces of software and, dare we suggest, paper sources too? 

Ok, circle of trust moment; are paper records the mainstay of your organisational methods? If so, have you given any thought as to the intangible cost to your business – or have you already deemed that obtaining meaningful data is too time exorbitant meaning that you don’t think you can venture into this arena? Have you given consideration to the vulnerability in terms of safe storage of this data and how you can evidence that you have taken all steps possible to keep this information safe and secure?

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It can be a frightening prospect and one that some business owners simply feel too overwhelmed to tackle. The thought of investing in a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be seen as being financially out of reach.  There are other misconceptions too with some believing that this sort of investment may be a drain on existing resource, resulting in reduced clinic time in order to tackle this insurmountable monster. But that doesn’t have to be the reality.

What are the top 5 benefits a CRM can bring to your clinic?

  1. Client information all in one place
  2. Digital organisation – storage of important documents, clinic notes
  3. Effective diary management
  4. Safe and secure data management – giving you peace of mind
  5. Full data insight into your business can allow you to spot trends and respond accordingly

The benefits of introducing a CRM into your business can revolutionise your day-to-day schedule meaning that you can have full oversight of your business calendar, client records, digital forms and notes, as well as the ability to send your clients automated reminders both before and after their appointments.  A nice, professional touch, right?

Now we’ve covered that, let’s ask the question again.  If you are pulling information together manually how much time does this take you, what intangible cost does this have on your business and is it really where you want to spend your time? 

Male happily working at desk

Could it be that investing in CRM software would enable you to become more client focused whilst having greater oversight of your business?  How about having more time to spend with clients in clinic rather than burning the midnight oil whilst drowning in paperwork?  Sounds like a step towards being agile and in control, doesn’t it?

With the recent changes shaping how clinics interact with their clients, there are extra layers of compliance and health and safety to think of.  Now more than ever, it is essential to gain information prior to your scheduled appointment.  With this in mind, how do you manage these demands right now? 

Do you spend early mornings or late evenings trawling through your diary and tackling this step as a manual process? Or do you confidently trust a system that completes this task automatically and can even provide reports on whether your client has completed the form in preparation for their appointment?  Imagine the possibilities within your business if you were able to automate some areas, whilst demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail to your clients. Could you even see a cost saving in your administration time and processes?

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An intuitive CRM can help you take control of your data and break through the barriers of manual administration; achieving stress-free data management and releasing you from the constraints of paper-based organisation, which can feel like a weight around your business.  CRMs can come in all sorts of packages, whether they are off-the-shelf or tailored specifically to your needs.  What is important to understand is that you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles within a CRM to take advantage of instant benefits.  Wherever you are in your business lifecycle, embracing technology that can transform how you liaise with your clients is the key to developing your business offering and ensure you remain compliant.

The team at Sellsio understand that each business is different. With this in mind, they have created three simple options to allow you to match your needs and demands, whilst remaining affordable and flexible – just as a CRM should be.  With no contractual constraints, you can join with no up-front set-up fees and no additional licencing fees – and if you don’t love them, there is a simple 30-day notice period.  They will even help you with extraction of your data in a format that suits you should you want to leave.

They can take you through step-by-step in setting up your CRM management system and already have experience with clinics, dental practices, physios and pharmacies. This means they understand the demands placed on your business to remain compliant, in control and ready for the challenges ahead. 

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With free training, free bulk upload of digital data sets to get you going and ongoing support there is plenty of guidance and encouragement to get you started and comfortable with your new investment.  Added to this the ability to adopt and use online forms and customise and brand these can revitalise how you interact with your clients and capture data.

The clean and intuitive user interface is cloud-based, meaning you can access your CRM on any device and even on the go – perfect for those who carry out home visits as well as being based in clinic.  Gone are the days where you need to invest in a cumbersome computer and server to keep all of your information safe and secure or even be chained to the office to complete administration tasks. With Sellsio you can access your data management at any time, wherever you are with an internet connection and proactively manage your business tasks.

So, to summarise, the top 10 benefits that Sellsio can bring to your business are:

  1. Three simple tiers to choose from
  2. Simple fixed monthly payments
  3. Cloud-based functionality meaning you can access your CRM from any device, anywhere
  4. Full oversight of diaries and client information
  5. The option to automate processes to streamline administration
  6. Free training
  7. Free digital bulk upload of existing data
  8. Free use of forms which can also be customised and branded
  9. Professional interaction with your clients, pre and post appointment
  10. More time for you to concentrate on your clients

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At HealthHubble we are so confident of the benefits that Sellsio can bring your business, we are proud to offer all HealthHubble connections a 10% discount off your first three months when you sign up to any of their packages.  Click to find out more and claim your savings.


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