Top 5 Organisational Benefits of the Best CRM

Top 5 Organisational Benefits of the Best CRM

Effective organisation is one of the foundations of any successful business.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-oiled huge corporate with the largest market share or a courageous start-up taking your first tentative steps into your chosen industry; without being organised, you can feel as if you are swimming in treacle, trying to push forward but being held back by unnecessary constraints.

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At HealthHubble we love everything to be organised and in is right place – it gives us the confidence and energy to provide excellent service to our clients with great attention to detail, and keeps our headspace free to prioritise and focus on what’s important.

Having the right tools to do the job are what you need to equip yourself to help foster that success.  But let’s not get confused here – we’re talking quality over quantity, and when we say quality, we mean tools that can help you stay on top of your game, work dynamically with you and enable you to spend your time and energy just where you want to – with your clients.

So, when it comes to business organisation how can a CRM help your business?

What Are the Top 5 Organisational Tools That a CRM Can Bring?

  1. Diary
  2. Client Manager
  3. Digital Forms
  4. Digital Notes
  5. Automatic Reminders

Diary Management

Keeping on top of a busy schedule can feel like a fulltime job in itself.  Whether you are meeting clients, booking out time to concentrate on business development or keeping on top of your CPD, you need a diary that can help keep you on track. Are you still using a paper-based diary within your clinic which is trying to accommodate a number of clinician’s appointments as well as your own? Cutting free from paper and moving your diary management to a digital one can revolutionise your clinic’s organisation. With the ability to colour co-ordinate appointment types or reschedule appointments swiftly at the click of a mouse, getting your diary digital, could be the quickest time management win to easily implement within your clinic.

Close up shot of a professional female using a digital calendar on her laptop.

Client Management

Your client data and information are critical from scheduling appointments to co-ordinating your stock control.  So, knowing just how important this is, how do you access yours?  Is it in paper form, locked away in your clinic or neatly filed away on your clinic computer?  So, just how accessible is this for you on the go or for multiple practitioners?

The advantages of a cloud-based client management system can revolutionise how you access your client data; meaning you can take your client records with you wherever you are. With full oversight of pending and previous treatments, forms that have been sent and returned and even soft information such as birthdays, likes and dislikes – this small attention to detail can really enhance your relationship with your client, placing you ahead of the game and keeping you GDRP compliant.

Digital Forms

So how do you capture client information at the moment? Do you have the luxury of sending out forms prior to treatments or do you find yourself having to plan more time in your day to accommodate the completion of these?  If this is the case, have you found your working day increasing, but the number of clients reducing to these difficult time constraints?  Are your forms currently in a digital format that you can save directly to a client’s profile and update at the click of a button?

Having the option to create and adapt branded forms that can be sent directly to your clients via email both pre and post consultation, can result in your clinic time being solely devoted planning and delivering unique clinic experiences leaving you time to focus on your client’s care and experience.

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Digital Notes

The need for seamless communication in a busy clinic environment is essential, so when that idea pops into your head or your colleagues, how do you note this down right now?  Are you swimming in handwritten sticky notes or reach for your phone to jot things down?

A CRM can provide an excellent organisational home for all your notes, ideas and aide memories’, whether adding them to a client record, or against a product or even within your diary or daily dashboard of tasks, providing an easy streamlined communication process.

Automatic Reminders

Do you experience the frustration of late cancellations or no-shows in your clinic? Where some late cancellations of course cannot be avoided there is still a huge impact on clinics if a client simply forgets to attend their appointment, leading to lost treatment time and revenue.

So how do you currently remind your clients of their upcoming appointments?  Do you carve out time in your day to call or send reminder emails or does this eat into your evening meaning your working day is extended further?

Young male using mobile phone whilst walking outside to check alerts.

Using the benefits of a CRM to automate sending reminders to your clients before their clinic appointments can act as a great way in reducing no-shows and ensure that when your clients arrive, they have completed essential pre-assessments and have a good understanding of what their appointment will cover. 

Automatic reminders sent via a CRM can be sent by either SMS or email and can really demonstrate a professional and client centred business.  Reminders post treatment too can also be a great way of keeping the lines of communication open and help ensure that treatment plans are kept up-to-date and carried out within set time frames.

Taking the Stress out of Getting Organised

So, looking at all of these organisational benefits a CRM can bring to your business, the question is are you working as proactively as you could be? Are you swamped in paper, or find yourself forever searching for that important note you placed down?  How compliant is your record keeping in respect of GDPR – is it safe and secure?

With access to cloud-based storage your business information is accessible 24/7; 365 days per year.  With no need for office-based filing, the messy hybrid of paper and computer-based records, everything can be in one place, saving you time, resource and allowing you the opportunity to focus on your clients and ultimately your business – isn’t that what your driving force should be?

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The team at Sellsio understand that every business is different. With this in mind, they have created three simple options to allow you to match your needs and demands, whilst remaining affordable and flexible – just as a CRM should be. With simple options that can underpin the foundations of organisation within your business, a CRM could be the next essential element of your business toolkit.

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