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Dr Jacqualine Seckley

Managing Director & Founder | Ba(Hons), MBChB, MRCP, MRCEM, FRCEM

Jacqualine Seckley

Hi, I’m Jacqualine, mum of 2 girls, partner to Steve, keen gardener, lover of craft and amateur photographer. I’m also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of HealthHubble.

Here’s my story:

I was born in Somerset as one of twins and grew up in Bath where I went to an all-girls state comprehensive school. My dad was Ghanaian and came to England to work as an NHS mental health nurse. He later became a Senior Lecturer and Psychotherapist. From very early in my childhood my Dad suffered kidney failure. He underwent two kidney transplants which gave him 8 precious years of freedom from dialysis.  We are eternally grateful to the Donors and their Families. We finally lost him to cancer when I was 18. Just prior to his death he taught me the most important lesson of my life… simply ‘to learn something from each and every day’, and that even the worst days are opportunities for learning and can help you grow.

My mum was a local West Country lass who had worked as a healthcare assistant in the NHS and then as a social worker at the RNID. She taught me sign language at age 8 and gave me a love of gardens and crafts. When I was studying for my first degree, my mum suddenly became unwell and died of cancer. I was 21.

Despite a very difficult few years, I graduated with a First-Class Honours in Psychology. During my studies I often worked in hospital as a Healthcare Assistant, to fund myself through this degree. By the end of my Psychology degree, I’d decided to pursue a career in Medicine. In 2005 I qualified as a Doctor. Continuing my love of learning I have completed the Postgraduate Membership in Medicine (MRCP), and both Membership (MRCEM) and Fellowship (FRCEM) exams in Emergency Medicine. I have since had the privilege of working in several hospitals across the south-west working on the frontline in Emergency Medicine treating sick patients and saving lives.

During my adult life, I have had my own health and wellness stories. I have had several operations for a range of health events. I have also taken my own children to hospital and in 2017 had a very scary event with my youngest daughter, who was 4 months old. I have been a patient and understand what it is to be unwell, in pain and vulnerable. I have been a young adult carer to both my parents, and understand the feeling of helplessness and despair. I also ultimately understand the feeling of profound loss, the profound loss people feel after traumatic events. But I remember my father’s words in all of this, so I learn and I and continue to grow.

This leads me to the here and now in 2020, a time of huge challenge for everyone. HealthHubble has been my vision for almost ten years now and have finally started HealthHubble with Steve. I genuinely believe that with HealthHubble we can help others and expand our own knowledge and help ourselves in with our own health and wellness journeys.

If you have any thoughts that will help HealthHubble evolve, please do get in touch.


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