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Whether you're traveling, need clearance for work, or just want peace of mind, it is important to get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s why these listed clinics offer highly-accurate PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, which look for the active infection with SARS-CoV-2, as well as antibody tests, which look for previous infection. Obtaining the samples for these tests can either be done in a clinic or in your own home.

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My Health Clinics in London | HealthHubble
Clifton Village Pharmacy in Bristol Avon | HealthHubble
Prince Pharmacy in London | HealthHubble
Virginia Water Private Medical Clinic in London | HealthHubble
Home Health Service Ltd in UK | HealthHubble
MediPark Clinic in London | HealthHubble
The City & Travel Clinic in London  | HealthHubble
Healthium Clinics Ltd (t/a Healthium Clinics) in UK | HealthHubble
Advisa Medica in South East | HealthHubble
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One5 Health Private GP City of London | HealthHubble
One5 Health | Private GP | Clinic

A doctor-led, 360-degree approach to healthcare that works around the individual, with same-day GP video consultations from anywhere in the UK. In-clinic GP appointments in Central London. Preventative health, lifestyle and wellness services.

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