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Home testing allows a sample to be collected in your home. This is then sent to a clinic or laboratory for testing. They should contact you with a result and the appropriate medical advice. This is not the same as home testing kits, where you are expected to read the results at home. These are currently validated for use in the UK. Once you have sent your sample to a laboratory or clinic and you are waiting for the result, you should follow the government guidance on self-isolation. 

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ZAVA | Truested Fit To Fly Covid-19 Travel Testing | HealthHubble
Available throughout the UK
Online only, N1 8LN
To enter the UK from abroad, you need to take one or more COVID-19 tests, depending on the latest government guidelines. We can help you understand which tests you need, so you can travel without worrying.
Petts Wood Pharmacy Ltd in London | HealthHubble
Eurofins County Pathology Limited in UK | HealthHubble
Make Me Feel Ltd (t/a The French Pharmacy / Make Me Feel) in UK
Salient Labs Limited (t/a Salient Bio) in London | HealthHubble
MDNA LIfe Sciences (UK) Ltd in North East | HealthHubble
Revive Hair and Skin Clinic in BRENTWOOD ESSEX | HealthHubble
iHomeCare in UK | HealthHubble
The Online Clinic in UK | HealthHubble
Recova-19 in UK | HealthHubble
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