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Find and make contact with an expert acupuncturist, each utilising subtle diagnostic techniques, in our Acupuncture category. Treatment is individually tailored based on each and every symptom, whether you've sustained an injury or you're experiencing chromic pain or soreness.

To understand more about the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) who self-regulate qualified Acupuncture Therapists, click here.


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Empathy Health Studio
Help2Helpyourself in London | HealthHubble
Prime Acupuncture in Brighton East Sussex | HealthHubble
Lucy Chinese Herb & Acupuncture in Bristol Avon | HealthHubble
Sheffield Clinic Of Complimentary Medicine in Sheffield South Yorkshire
Nakamura Clinic
The M A Health & Wellbeing Centre in South Shields Tyne And Wear
iQi Health in Redditch Worcestershire | HealthHubble
Anna Mclaughlin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Chester Cheshire
Aroma Health & Wellness in London | HealthHubble
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The Health Suite | Private GP With Broad Expertise | HealthHubble
The Health Suite | Private GP | Specialist Consultants | Complementary Therapists

The Health Suite is a Doctor-led private wellbeing clinic offering a wide range of medical and complimentary therapies all under one roof. Their extensive and collaborative multidisciplinary team are on hand to support patients' unique health needs.

Walnut Grove Clinic in Portishead, Bristol | HealthHubble
Walnut Grove Clinic

The multidisciplinary team at Walnut Grove support all areas of physical and mental wellbeing, helping you get back to health and keeping you there.

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