Unit 1, Duckmoor Road Industrial Estate, Bristol BS3 2BJ, England

Opex Bristol

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Online Video Appointments
Online Video Appointments
Unit 1, Duckmoor Road Industrial Estate, Bristol BS3 2BJ, England

Offering personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, combining the best of personal training in a supportive community environment.

We don’t believe in quick fixes or fads. Our expert trainers are on hand to guide you through your fitness journey whilst optimising your performance both in and out of the gym.



Who Are Opex?

The Opex family is made up of a number of gyms around the country who all strive for excellence. Our goal is simple: We aim to help everyone, at every stage of their fitness, live happier, healthier lives through results-driven fitness. We view fitness as a journey that encompasses mind, body and spirit. We are committed to continual learning and inspiring our clients.

Every session is personalised with you and your goals at the centre of everything we do. We are proud to have built a strong and supportive community of like-minded clients who all support each other, in an inclusive and safe environment. 


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Our Approach to Fitness is a Four-Stage Process:

  1. Consultation – With Opex Bristol, our commitment to you is personal.  Every fitness journey starts with a face-to-face meeting with one of our personal trainers. This golden opportunity allows us to really understand your goals, experience, lifestyle and aspirations.
  2. Assessment – We pride ourselves in making your experience with us personal. Our comprehensive assessment allows us to create bespoke training programmes and gives us a great base to plan out your milestones of success.
  3. Training at Opex – With information gained from your assessment we can carve out a personalised plan that you will work on with an experienced coach to help realise your goals. With expert guidance throughout your training programme, you can be sure to keep on track of progress within a safe and inclusive environment.
  4. Refining & Reviewing Progress – Long-term health and fitness is a journey, not a sprint. We therefore monitor your progress during the course of your programme. We understand that circumstances change, so we offer a flexible approach to your fitness goals and continually review your progress leaving you in complete control over your health and wellness accomplishments.


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Membership Options

We understand that everyone’s fitness journey is personal. That’s why our training programmes are flexible to suit your individual needs.  Our expert trainers are highly qualified health and fitness coaches who are here to support you every step of the way.

We offer three membership packages:

1. Personal Training

Our bespoke lifestyle, fitness and nutrition programme will see you working with a dedicated personal trainer. This plan is perfect for you if:

  • You are considering working with a personal trainer
  • You are looking for a personalised plan with expert guidance
  • You have a specific goal that you need help with, such as weight loss
  • In order to train safely you would benefit from a personal trainer
  • You have a serious pre-existing injury or are receiving rehabilitation guidance from a doctor or physiotherapist

What’s Included:

  • Bespoke training programme specifically designed with your fitness goals in mind
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Nutritional consultations, monitoring and support
  • Full access to a private gym facility and equipment
  • Expert personal trainer who is fully focused and invested in your progression

2. Remote Personal Training

Don’t want to be tied to a specific gym? Our remote personal training services give you all the expertise as our Personal Training Programme but with the flexibility of being able to work out wherever you are based. This plan is perfect for you if:

  • You are already experienced within fitness
  • You travel a lot or are already a member of another gym
  • Looking to take your fitness to the next level

What’s Included:

  • Bespoke training programme created by your own expert personal trainer
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Nutritional consultations with mentoring and ongoing support
  • Your own expert fitness professional who is committed to your progression, health and wellbeing

3. Nutritional Coaching

Looking to develop healthier eating patterns as part of your health and wellbeing commitment? We offer a nutritional programme that mirrors your long-term goals and aspirations. Combining both a full-body scan as well as in-depth consultation, we can develop a nutrition plan that is as unique as you. This plan is perfect for you if:

  • You want to develop a healthier lifestyle
  • You have been struggling with either weight loss or muscle gain

What’s Included:

  • Monthly ‘inbody’ assessments to monitor progress
  • Ongoing support and guidance
  • A personalised nutrition programme designed by your own personal trainer in line with your health and fitness goals


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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?



‘I joined Opex Bristol back in march when I was at a pretty low point suffering with low self-esteem, anxiety and depression…all that fun stuff. As much as I wanted to join a gym before, I never really saw the gym as an environment that I fit into or felt comfortable in. When James got in contact with me, I explained my situation and he really listened and explained how him and the rest of the team would be able to help me. I can’t stress how friendly the team and every that goes there is. It’s not like any other gym setting. Here, everybody wants you to success and reach your own goals while actually enjoying yourself and making friends. The Coaches are highly experienced and there is always someone to greet you and walk you through anything you need, or to support you throughout…. My only regret is that I hadn’t joined sooner.’ – MT



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Book Your Private Gym Tour

Taking the first steps on your fitness journey can be daunting. The whole team at Opex Bristol are on hand every step of the way.

Why not message us and book a free tour of the gym with one of our professional trainers and find out more how we can support you in making your health and fitness goals a reality.

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Unit 1, Duckmoor Road Industrial Estate, Bristol BS3 2BJ, England
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