ReselfMe | Life Coaching | Psychotherapy

ReselfMe | Life Coaching | Psychotherapy

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Chigwell, Essex IG7, England
ReselfMe | Life Coaching | Psychotherapy
ReselfMe | Life Coaching | Psychotherapy
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ReselfMe | Life Coaching | Psychotherapy

Online Video Appointments
Online Video Appointments
Chigwell, Essex IG7, England

Julia Martinez, founder of ReselfMe, is a Life Coach and Psychosomatic Therapist offering integrative counselling and therapy in English and Russian. Working collaboratively, sessions can help untangle life situations, helping you feel in control.

About Me:

My name is Julia Martinez and I am the founder of ReselfMe.  I am a professional life coach, psychosomatic practitioner and trainee Psychotherapist, working from my home-based in Chigwell in Essex. Originally born and raised in Russia; I help support my clients in both English and Russian, as well as face-to-face and online.

Having originally worked within international education and helping students overcome anxieties associated with international placements and finding a passion for this, I retrained as a psychosomatic (body and mind) therapist.

To date I have helped thousands of clients overcome a range of challenges, leading them to lead happier, freer and more confident, fulfilled lives.

Julia Martinez with client

What Do I Specialise In?

I work in both Russian and English and have a specialist interest in helping people who experience:

  • Panic Attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Mid-Life Crisis
  • Trust Issues
  • Separation Issues
  • Negative beliefs
  • Body-mind conditions such as stress

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How Can We Work Together?

I offer a wide range of services from individual to group sessions; face-to-face or online:

  • Book a Free Trial Session:

The two most important things you need when searching for the right therapist for you is chemistry and trust.  It is crucial that you feel empowered to shop around before you choose the right professional who fits your requirements.

I, therefore, offer all prospective clients a free one-hour long trial session.  This type of consultation is a perfect way for us to discuss your priorities and needs in order to plan out the next steps, and give you the opportunity to get a feel of how we can work together.

  • One-to-One ReselfMe Sessions:

I believe that each client is completely unique, and therefore I do not package sessions together.  Instead of following on from our initial trial session, we may decide that only a few one-to-one consultations are required, or we may decide to extend these further. 

Our sessions are confidential and are fully focused on finding what is holding you back whilst addressing any negative or limiting beliefs you may have.  We also work together to explore any psychosomatic issues you may be experiencing.  Here we unpack what your body is trying to tell you and understand any pain or discomfort you may be feeling.

  • Five Week Group Confidence Sessions (Maximum of 4 people in a group):

Working as part of a small group can offer huge benefits for those looking to gain more confidence.  Our weekly online sessions allow us the opportunity to explore these feelings together in a safe and supportive environment.  Many clients who have opted for this type of therapy have made amazing strides towards their desired outcomes and for some, life-changing decisions that they had been putting off for years.

  • 12 Week ReselfMe Personal Transformation Programme:

Are you looking to undergo an intense transformation programme to help develop new strategies to help you live a happier and more fulfilled life?  The 12-week ReselfMe programme is perfect if you:

  • Think you have untapped potential
  • Feel stuck
  • Wonder why you are ‘different’ or feel as if there may be something ‘wrong with you
  • Question your future
  • Want to improve your sense of happiness
  • Are in relationships that don’t seem fulfilling

The ReselfMe PTP covers four elements:

1. Getting to Know Yourself

The first three weeks are designed to help you:

  • Get to know yourself better
  • Understand and vocalise your problems
  • Identify changes that you want to implement
  • Define your desires and wishes

This first stage will focus on you and will be mostly based on talking therapy, so there is a need for you to participate.  Although some of my clients have found this a challenge, they have found reassurance in that I support each and everyone through these sessions.

2. Making Sense of, and Accepting Your Past

The next three weeks are focused on who you are and how you deal with situations in the way that you do and identify areas where you’d like to change.  These sessions can be challenging as there is much to think about and process.  Together through a range of techniques, we can travel through your past using imaginative exercises and methods of relaxation.  Again, I am on hand to offer full support and encouragement.

3. New Patterns

Here we spend three weeks focusing on routines within your day-to-day life.  It’s important to take stock of healthy as well as unhealthy patterns and be able to formulate strategies for unhealthier patterns with a view to replace them with more desired ones.  The focus of these sessions is about the here and now and creating different ways to act and also react.

4. Reimagining and Reinventing Yourself

This exciting final phase of the 12-week journey looks at how you start to create the future you want.  Casting your view ahead by 10 years and visualising what it looks like.  Within these sessions, you will discover new tools and mechanisms which will help you achieve your ambitions.

The 12-week programme is based online and takes place once per week with each session lasting 90 minutes.

These sessions will mostly involve talking but will also include some exercises, and during the 12 weeks, I will be giving 24/7 support via messaging and if required emergency sessions between weekly sessions.

Julia Martinez

What Do My Clients Say About Me?

I am very proud to have worked with a hugely diverse range of clients from all walks of life and via a wide range of means and am thrilled to share their experiences:

‘I would like to tell about my experience with Julia Martinez. I turned to her with a bunch of problems that prevented me from living happy and with pleasure. My whole life I was worried about unimportant things, feeling offended by others, regularly had internal dialogues with myself. You probably know such internal talks that keep you awake at 4 am after a meeting or a conflictive situation. These took a tremendous amount of energy and gave me a feeling of exhaustion and apathy. And depression was not far.  In general, all my problems were generated in my childhood. It sounds like a cliché, but it was my reality until Julia helped me to remember and bring up real facts that explain everything. When I began to understand what exactly my problem was, this awareness gave me the opportunity to evaluate my actions and begin to behave in a completely different way. This is amazing. Life has become easier, better, more enjoyable. I have more energy now. Although this sounds rather vague, behind this story is real life, my life. And I want to say a big thank you. - (Female client, 39 years old)


‘I really liked the method that Julia uses in her practice: which relies on the intercommunication of the body and mind. I came to Julia with two main problems, but I solved many more. I had a heavy feeling of anxiety in my chest. I could not understand where it's coming from but during our session, I realised that I did not want to do homework with the children, and every time I forced myself to do it. We discussed why I felt that way, and during our conversation, I realise that I actually want to help them get a good education. After recognising this, my emotions have switched from “I must" to “I want". I want to help them with the lessons. It's so easy now! The feeling of anxiety and heaviness disappeared right away. It's more fun and positive to do homework with them. I've got a lot more patience now, and I can see it clear whether my child needs a break soon or can continue studying. I also like that this method works very quickly, precisely, and it's versatile. In literally one session, we can solve a problem, facilitate and unravel a tangle of related issues. I woke out home with joy, savouring the emotional sensations, asking myself questions, answering them and observing the reaction in the body. Julia is sensitive to the needs of the client, positive, and it is noticeable that she enjoys helping other people.’ - (Anonymous)

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To book your free initial 60-minute consultation, click here or send me a message by filling out the form below and take your next steps in creating a happier, more confident you.

Request an appointment or send an enquiry to ReselfMe | Life Coaching | Psychotherapy


Chigwell, Essex IG7, England
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